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  • J. H. Cutler

    J. H. Cutler

    J. H. Cutler, one of Australia’s and the world's great tailors, has provided bespoke tailoring and shirt-making services. https://www.jhcutler.com/

  • Josh Balerite Acol

    Josh Balerite Acol

    Artist | Poet | Writer | Soulful Encourager | Frontliner | Proud sole Mom of 4 gifted kiddos | Lover of anything that inspires! joshbaleriteacol@gmail.com

  • Michele Dotson

    Michele Dotson

  • Penny Zang

    Penny Zang

    English professor + book nerd + drinking buddy. Visit me at Pennyzang.com and Twitter: @penny_zang

  • Nom de Plume

    Nom de Plume

    Uncovering the secrets of powerful writing at nomwrites.com

  • Nancy Lemke

    Nancy Lemke

    Mom, grandma, sports fan, politics hater. I love to write and I touch on all sorts of subjects. Twitter: NancyLemke1

  • Nicole Campbell

    Nicole Campbell

    Fan of complicated song lyrics, pink lake sunsets and intelligent conversations. Daughter, Mama, Teacher. Vulnerability matters. wordsmithery858@gmail.com

  • Jenn Mecks

    Jenn Mecks

    Writer (currently querying upmarket adult fiction) ✨obsessed with Jane Austen & Daphne du Maurier. Twitter: @jomecki

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